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Hunting Season
on Manitoulin Island

For many Manitoulin Island locals and guests, hunting season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Hunting in this area is still often an important method of collecting food. It is also recreational activity that provides an opportunity for socializing and learning.

In Ontario, each hunter must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course exam and the Ontario Hunter Education Course exam to be eligible to own a firearm. Legal hunting does not endanger wildlife populations. Instead, it plays an important role in maintaining acceptable population numbers of species in particular habitats and is crucial to prevent overcrowding.

Some of the popular animals hunted on Manitoulin Island include white-tailed deer, waterfowl, fish, rabbits, and geese. There are many facilities and groups on the island that cater specifically these excursions can be booked for individuals and groups.

To learn more about the winter season, mandatory exams, and hunting locations on the island, visit the Ontario Hunting website.